Broken car

Auto Accidents

When you are in an automobile crash, selecting the most dependable car accident lawyers in St. Louis is your best course of action to ensure justice.

Any type of motor vehicle accident can have long lasting, devastating effects. Not only is there property damage, there may also be severe physical injuries and a disruption to your life and ability to earn an income.

In order to receive appropriate compensation for your loss, it is important to retain an attorney with experience dealing with insurance companies, doctors and repair shops such as Connon Law. Laws relating to claims for injuries, especially those requiring long-term care and therapy, are complicated and the average individual needs assistance to be certain that their rights are being protected.

It is a simple concept – the insurance company does not want to pay any more than is absolutely necessary to make you go away and they have big money and plenty of time on their side. If you are injured in a car accident, you deserve the same kind of service. Connon Law will work with you from the beginning to ensure that there is a complete evaluation and resolution.

We look at and review

  • The accuracy of the police reports, they don’t always get it right
  • Corroborating physical evidence
  • Witness statements
  • Photos
  • Invoices and receipts
  • Complete medical records

By attending to these details, the statements and evidence can be melded into an accurate description of events. This is the most reliable way for plaintiffs to receive what they deserve and not be taken advantage of.

As dedicated car accident lawyers in St. Louis, we offer free consultations so you can understand your rights before signing any releases or settling prematurely. Our staff has knowledge not only of the law but also of vehicle mechanics and roadway design, physics, the relevance of road and weather conditions, human anatomy and the steps required for injuries to be rehabilitated.

Michael Connon is now an attorney but previously worked as a police officer and accident reconstructionist dealing with reporting and investigating numerous crashes – from fender benders to those resulting in multiple fatalities.

In arbitration with the insurance company or in court before a judge, we represent your case as a unique situation. We have worked with many different insurance companies and developed an understanding of their practices. This allows us to prepare the best strategy for success by determining when and how to set demands.

We are your advocate for appropriate medical care, compensation for property damage and restitution for missed time at work and any other changes to your lifestyle. Contact us today to learn how Connon Law can represent your interests as the most dependable car accident lawyers in St. Louis.